After serving his country Honorably in the USMC 2004-2008, the owner of SMMT, Jorge Cruz Saenz, decided he wanted to serve his community by going back to school to become a Physical Therapist.  Unfortunately, he never was able to pursue PT because his massage therapy business became his main objective. The idea to become a massage therapist first occurred when he was looking to create the flexibility needed to be able to study and work massage part-time.  The first location he was performing massage therapy at was a small 6’x8’ changing room in a local running shoe store company. [A funny side story to this first location is that the store-owner was anxious to fill the empty spot n after meeting him and mentioned to everyone that he would be ready in 2-weeks.  The only problem was that he had not even registered for the test date. In some sense, it pushed him to study like never before to do the impossible feat which was to pass the test with not much preparation.] At this point in his early career, most of his massages had been sports massages or a deep version of Swedish massage therapy.  The second location was an even smaller room that used to be a storage room inside of a gym. The gym-owner/friend mentioned that he wanted to rent his storage room to a massage therapist so that his members would be able to get a sports massage pre or post-workout. So he decided to give both places a go.. He then applied to work for a local spa to help fill some empty slots in his schedule and also get more experience performing massages on more people.  After seeing the high demand in his practice , he decided to focus on Massage full-time. Location #3 must haves would be that it allowed him to create business hours that weren’t available during regular shoe store hours of operation. The reason behind needing more hours was due to the high demand of new clients that worked late and needed appointments in the evening. Also since most clients were located in McAllen, he was hoping to find a place in McAllen unlike location #2 that was situated in Edinburg, TX.   Soon after moving to location #3 he noticed a difference in the level of difficulty in individuals seeking relief from chronic pain but were seeking sports massage. It wasn’t until when he read an article that mentioned the difference in receiving a sports massage while healthy-vs-in pain was that he was informed on why a medical-massage is necessary when in pain. (THAT WAS THE MOMENT WHEN IT ALL MADE SENSE, THAT THERE ARE MORE EFFICIENT WAYS TO DELIVER EFFECTIVE THERAPY) As a result of learning that sports massages are reserved for completely healthy individuals that are seeking massage, not therapy. He began a quest to learn how to help people heal from chronic pain as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Since then, he has traveled to learn from in-person-seminars in Chronic Headaches, Vertigo, TMJ, Soft Tissue Trauma, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Anterior Muscle Scalene Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet, Epicondylitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and Osteoarthritis at Long Beach, CA, Boca Raton, FL, Sarasota, FL, and the latest Phoenix, AZ. Location #4 came about after one of his clients let him know of a place situated at the core of North McAllen, and that was the basic determining factor. Everything was going well until he noticed a new wave of clients that were coming in for treatment were struggling to climb up the stairs. So the quest for location #5 began and the requirement was that it should be a location that is situated on the first floor.  Location #6 came after noticing that french doors are not made for soundproofing and became a distraction during therapy sessions. Location #7 came to an end after seeing the need to pick a bigger room space that allowed for the new technique he added to his repertoire called Functional Range Release and controlled articular rotation movements. It allowed enough space for evaluation process without having to shift around the furniture.

What is Medical Massage Therapy

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine once said,  “The doctor must be experienced in many modalities but especially in massage.  Massage can cause tight joints to relax and loose ones to become stable.”   

The best way to describe the difference between Medical Massage versus other styles of Massage Therapy is to shift the way we look at massage therapy as a whole for three reasons. The first reason is when someone is healthy and  a second reason is when a person is in pain. For example, the one that is healthy it is recommended a relaxation massage. The second one being something like a deep tissue or sports massage. The third reason one may get a massage is for therapeutic aspects that it has to offer.  It is then that we can effectively look at the service being delivered with the appropriate perspective. For instance, people dealing with chronic pain will have to approach the session in a completely different format than someone that is completely healthy seeking only to receive a sports/relaxation massage therapy session.  Once one is able to establish this standpoint, one can then increase the chances of producing a desired result with consistently successful treatment on patients. Medical Massage uses science-based treatments techniques that have been compiled from the last 100 years and used in such a way that have been clinically proven to provide reliable results for people struggling with chronic pain. Many of clients that come see us have tried multiple locations and had yet to receive effective massage therapy until they decided to come in for a medical massage.  Medical Massage is perfect for people dealing with people dealing with pain anywhere from head to toe.   

Do you have to get a doctors referral to receive a Medical Massage?

No one always needs a Doctor’s referral.  Although, it could be useful if one decides that we work comprehensively.  Medical massage basically received its name due to the setting that people would receive the session.  Hundreds of years ago it was normally done only in hospital settings in cases of painful back and limp disorders, stress related illnesses such as essential hypertension, tension headaches, anxieties, sleep disorders, major depressive disorders etc.

6 Ways to Treat Yourself (That don’t involve money or food)

It’s not hard to think of great ways to treat yourself. We’d all love a spa day topped off with a meal prepared and served by someone else. Maybe get a sitter for the night, so the little angels are asleep when we get home. Or just a morning where the cat doesn’t wake you up by sitting on your windpipe.

But for every article about self-care, I roll my eyes at least 12 times and think “Who can afford that?”  Yes, it would be great to have an afternoon to myself and a bucket of fried chicken and a cookie dough chaser but that’s not particularly healthy.

I’m all about realistic self-care. That is, activities that aren’t expensive, don’t involve food, and will make you feel good about how you spent that time. Here’s a list of my favorites (bonus: most of these you can do with kids).

Meditate, the easy way

If you’re the kind of person who can’t sleep during the day, napping can be more like torture. But guided meditation is a whole different story. It gives your mind something easy to do so the rest of you can relax a bit. There are plenty of free guided meditations online. Check out the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center website and the free version of the Headspace app which has plenty of options to get you started.

Read a book

When was the last time you read for pleasure? Even if you can’t get to your library, there are plenty of free eBooks on Amazon, and your local library may have a free online borrowing program or reread some of your favorite books from childhood if you have them hanging around.

Learn something

If you choose the topic right, learning is great self-care. Pick a topic for FUN. Don’t feel like you need to learn something pertinent to your work or a current hobby.  Check out Coursera, MIT or Harvard to start. (But there are PLENTY of sources for free online classes. Do your own searching, too!)


Bust out a piece of paper and draw something. Even if you don’t have fancy pencils or crayons or markers, you can play with shading and pressure and make something cool. There are plenty of free coloring pages you can download and print out.

YouTube Karaoke

For nearly every song out there, there’s a karaoke accompaniment channel on YouTube. For reals! Crank it up and let ‘er rip! You’re a stress-free superstar now.

And when all else fails: Nap Zzz!!!

Put your jammies on and take a nap in your bed. Not all jammed up on the couch with the TV on. Close the shades in your bedroom and hunker down for a proper sleep. 
There, you don’t have to spend money or fill your belly to feel great and treat yourself well!
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